Remarkable broadcast tools in a single camera

Stream and record direct from a single 4k camera with real-time, automated score overlay graphics with the new JVC GY-HM200SP & a Sportzcast Scorebot. Connecting a Sportzcast Scoreboard to the venue controller allows you to wirelessly pull your score data direct into the camera.

Connecting the JVC GY-HM200SP to a network allows you to encode and stream your video directly from the camera itself. No additional hardware is required. Record locally directly onto media in the camera as well.

Graphic Scoreboard Overlays Natively In The Camera

The JVC GY-HM200SP allows you to create & embed your graphic scoreboard overlays inside the camera itself. Preset your options, design & then preview the real-time overlays in the camera feed as you record. Adding a Sportzcast Scorebot allows you to pull the actual scoreboard data from the venue LIVE & directly into the camera’s overlays, creating a truly unique “single camera full production broadcast”.

LIVE Scoreboard Data Delivered To Your Camera Automatically

The JVC GY-HM200SP integrates natively with the Sportzcast Scorebot allowing you to pull any scoreboard information you want directly into your graphic overlays. Simply connect a to the venue scoreboard controller & preset the data fields you would like to receive from the scoreboard on your JVC GY-HM200SP & they are automatically pulled into your graphics in real time!

Sportzcast - Your Live Scores