Your live scores on your website!

Sportzcast’s Iframe Designer program allows you to display live scoreboard data on any webpage in a completely custom scoreboard graphic.

Simply connect a Scorebot, then use the Iframe Designer program to design and upload your virtual scoreboard. The scoreboard will display data in real-time from your Scorebot, giving you the ability to display and share your scores anywhere!

Totally Customizable

Design your scoreboard template using a graphics editing program of your choice. Decide which fields you would like to display & where. Add custom logos, sponsors, colors, etc. It’s your scoreboard, design it the way you want! *Note- you can also choose from several existing generic Sportzcast templates like the one at the top of this page if you don’t wish to create your own template.

The possibilities are limitless

Design as many custom scoreboards as you want & place them on any website you wish. Sportzcast Iframe Designer virtual scoreboards can be used simultaneously with Scorebots being used for other purposes, including video broadcast. Add custom branding and sponsor logos to generate revenue from your scoreboards.

Sportzcast - Your Live Scores