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FAQ – Sportzcast

Contact Info

1144 Citrus Oaks Run, Winter Springs, FL

Phone : 321-888-3800
Email : sales@sportzcast.net
  • Daktronics 3000, 4000, 5000 (J1, J2, J3) and Electromech
    • 1/4″ TRS to 1/4″ TRS plugs into 1/4″ jack SB D on Scorebot 4000
  • Nevco
    • BNC to BNC cable connects into jack Nevco SB C on Scorebot 4000
  • Fairplay & Spectrum
    • DB9 Female to 1/4″ TRS cable connects into jack SB A on Scorebot 4000
  • OES & Bodet
    • DB9 Female to DB9 Female Null Modem cable connects into jack Sb A on Scorebot 4000
  • All American 8000 Series
    • DB9 Female to RJ-45 connects into jack SB A on Scorebot 4000
  • Varsity
    • DB9 Female to DIN 5 Pin connects into jack SB A on Scorebot 4000
  • Daktronics 5500 J6
    • DB25 Male to DB9 Female custom cable connects into jack SB A on Scorebot 4000
  • When you are doing a LAN connection, the status light on the Scorebot 4000 will be yellow but you will have an IP address on screen 03 of the Scorebot and you will see scoreboard data ticking on screen 05. To connect to the Scorebot doing a LAN connection you will want to connect to the IP address on screen 03 and enter that in the server field in whatever software you are using to connect to the Scorebot 4000.
  • When you are doing a Cloud connection the status light of the Scorebot will be green and you will see an IP address on screen 03, data ticking on screen 05 and a bot number on screen 06. You will connect to the bot number on screen 06 through whatever software you are using to connect to the Scorebot 4000.
    • NOTE: The bot number on screen 06 will display a leading 0 before the actual bot number. You do not enter the leading 0 when doing a cloud connection.
  • First, you will want to download the Scoreboard Codes Sheet from our downloads page. Locate the corresponding SB Vendor and SB Code for your scoreboard controller and enter those on screens 01 and 02 on the Scorebot.
    • To enter the codes, press the square button until an E pops up, use the square button to scroll over and to save the code hold down the square button until an S pops up.
  • Second, you need to save your codes as a preset. Go to screen 00 on the Scorebot 4000 and click the square to edit and enter the preset number you want, change the R to a W and then hold down the square button until it says Preset Write.
  • Third, you need to reset the Scorebot. After you have written the preset, go to screen 04 and change the 0 to a 1 and hold down the square until it says rebooting.
  • What kind of data cables come with the Scorebot 4000? What if I need different cables?
    • The Scorebot 4000 comes with data cables for Daktronics (3000, 4000, 5000), Electromech, Fairplay and Nevco scoreboard controllers. If you need more data cables, you can purchase them directly from Sportzcast for $25. For more questions, ask support@sportzcast.net
  • Do I need to use the LiveScore page to change the sport on my Scorebot 4000?
    • You will not need to do anything on the LiveScore page to change the sport on your Scorebot 4000 since all the programming is done physically on the Scorebot 4000.
    • The only thing you would need to do on LiveScore is enter the team names.
  • The Scorebot 1000 cannot be moved around between different venues with different scoreboard controllers.
  • The Scorebot 1000 can move around between different controllers of the same make. For example, if you purchase the Scorebot 1000 for a Fairplay scoreboard controller, you can move it around to different venues with different Fairplay controllers.
  • Login to LiveScore from the Sportzcast website using your email address and password.
  • Click on the Bots tab and locate the bot you would like the change the sport on. When you hover over the bot number you would like to change a Profile tab will appear next to it. Click on Profile.
  • You will see a window that has the scoreboard model and sport (ex. Daktronics/Football). Click on this and select the new sport you wish to change your sport to. Remember, you cannot change the scoreboard type, only the sport.
  • Click the submit button once you have made the change.
    • If your Scorebot 1000 is currently powered on with internet, you will need to disconnect the power and reconnect after 5 seconds. The Scorebot 1000 must disconnect from our servers to change the sport type.
    • If the Scorebot 1000 is not powered on with internet, you will see the change the next time the Scorebot 1000 is plugged in.
  • The Scorebot 1000 must have ports 1402 and 1403 open on the firewall at your venue. Contact your IT department to make sure that these are open. If your IT department needs more information about our servers, have then contact support@sportzcast.net
  • Using the camera menus, select either the Internet (Cloud) or local LAN to be the source of the Scorebot data.
  • The internet settings are preset into the Cloud location. For local LAN connect, enter the IP address of the Scorebot 4000 you wish to use. This can be found on screen 03 of a Scorebot 4000.
  • For a Cloud connection, you will need a license key and bot number assigned to you from Sportzcast. If you do not have this, contact support@sportzcast.net
  • You will want to make sure that your Scorebot 4000 and JVC camera are on the same subnet, so they can see each other if you are doing a LAN connection.
    • NOTE: if you are doing a Cloud connection the Scorebot 4000 and the JVC camera do not need to be on the same subnet.
  • LiveSportzCG PC Only
  • NewBlue Titler Live 3 Sport, Complete & Broadcast (PC & Mac)
  • We offer our software LiveXML to work with programs such as LiveText, RossXpression, vMix Title Designer, Caspar CG and more.
  • When using LiveXML, there is a specific directory LiveText is looking for the xml data coming from Sportzcast LiveXML. This directory is C:\Program Files (x86) \NewTek\Live Text\Stat Plugins\Text Input|Example.xml. You can locate this directory by going to File > Live File Path, then locate the directory in your system and save.
  • You will also need to make sure that Output is turned on within LiveXML and that the file path type is set to xml
  • You can use the following production systems with LiveSportzCG or the NewBlue Titler Live 3 CG software:
    • Wirecast, vMix, Livestream Studio, Blackmagic ATEM, TriCaster, and OBS. If you have a production system not on this list, please contact support@sportzcast.net
  • All you need to do is go to the Support and Downloads page and create an account with us. Once you have done so, contact support@sportzcast.net with your bot number so we can link it to your account.
  • You will use that account information within Boxcast or Production Truck to connect to your Scorebot.
  • Sportzcast has a program called iFrame Designer that will allow you to create a custom scoreboard overlay and bring that into your website and update in real time.
  • On a Fairplay scoreboard controller to get the sport code, turn off the controller and turn it back on holding down 0. This should give you a sport code that will align with our codes sheet.
  • On Fairplay scoreboard controllers, all of the data except the shot clock outputs on either J1 or J2 ¼” ports on the back of the controller. The shot clock outputs on the RS232 port.
  • If you have a Scorebot 1000 and the firmware of your Fairplay scoreboard controller is 2.25 or newer, we can set your Scorebot 1000 to Fairplay Proline Basketball. Please contact support@sportzcast.net for more questions.
    • To do this you would need to purchase the RS232 cable for the Scorebot 1000 and we would need to reprogram the Scorebot 1000 on the back end.
  • To purchase a Scorebot, contact sales@sportzcast.net with your shipping and billing info, all contact info, and what Scorebot model you want. If you are wanting to purchase a Scorebot 1000, please let us know what the make and model of your scoreboard controller is.

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