High Definition Single Camera Streaming Made Easy

Sportzcast has partnered with AXIS Security cameras to enable high definition live streaming direct from a single mounted IP camera, complete with custom graphic overlays featuring live scoreboard data.

This cutting edge technology creates a budget-friendly solution for multi-venue sports complexes, olympic sports & others. Trusted by organizations such as USA Softball, USSSA Baseball, NCAA Division 1 Athletic Departments & high schools across the United States. The solution allows for professional level quality broadcasts from environments previously cost or staffing prohibitive.

Simple. Affordable. Reliable.

Minimal equipment is required for the Sportzcast – AXIS IP Camera streaming solution. Once installed, all aspects of the equipment and broadcasts can be controlled remotely via the Sportzcast Control Room program on a laptop or mobile device. Equipment required:


SPORTZCAST Control Room is a game-changing, automated sports streaming, scoring, and ad insertion solution. An industry first, SPORTZCAST Control Room enables live sporting events with automated in-camera scoring graphics, and video ad insertion to be streamed from a single camera without the need for ANY additional equipment or manpower.

Intended Applications:
Live and recorded sporting events involving a scoreboard including live streaming, coach’s analytics, scouting, etc. SPORTZCAST Control Room is ideal for multiple sports including softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis and more.


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