Real-Time Scores Direct From The Scoreboard

Sportzcast is live scoreboard data decoding & distribution, sourced directly from the scoreboard itself. Our automated workflow tools allow your organization to apply scoreboard data in real-time to various applications. Examples of these applications include:

Broadcast Overlays

Automate with live data

Simple Streaming

Direct from camera with scores

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation tools


more applications


Installing a Sportzcast ScoreBot at your venue will allow your organization to share scoreboard data with the all of your fans automatically and in real-time! Simply connect your scoreboard controller to the ScoreBot, plug into the internet and you’re ready to go. Sportzcast’s universal scoreboard interface allows our users the ability to connect to virtually any scoreboard make and model!

Connect your Scorebot directly via a local connection, to the internet, or over a built in cell connection. Note: your connection options vary by Scorebot model.

The Scorebot connects to a spare output on the venue scoreboard controller. Outputs vary by scoreboard manufacturer, however Sportzcast can connect to virtually any scoreboard make or model.

As the venue scoreboard operator updates the venue scoreboard, the data is simultaneously distributed to the Scorebot and out to your destination.


Sportzcast is compatible with over 100 different makes & models of scoreboards, covering virtually every scoreboard you could come across. If it has power & in active working condition, we can connect to it. We even have a solution for venues that do not have traditional physical electronic scoreboards in our Virtual Controller Application.


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